State-of-the Art Technology Meets Ease of Use:

Go beyond head nod and hip hike!


Wireless, multi-sensor technology allows to assess your horse (and you) in any gait, at any speed, in hand, on the lunge or ridden - whatever suits your horse best!


Our systems offer the freedom to choose from the following alternatives:

Common features

upper body mounted sensors! No sensors on limbs hence no interference with limb manipulations.

high accuracy sensors calculating true vertical movement.

wireless connectivity between each sensor and the laptop computer (or logging on board SmartPhone device).

analysis within seconds of recorded exercise.   

Gait and Symmetry

Horses - like humans- move naturally asymmetrically. It is important to know your horse's baseline asymmetry to be able to differentiate its normal movement pattern from abnormal movements for example due to lameness.

These systems typically consist of 3 or 6 sensors.

The most comprehensive asymmetry system uses 6 sensors (poll, withers, left + right tuber coxae and tuber sacrale + a sensor in the lumbar area). This system uniquely for sensor based gait analysis allows assessment of primary versus compensatory gait asymmetry and entry-level back movement (lumbo-sacral range of motion)

Back Movement

A healthy back is essential for a pleasurable riding experience. Our back assessment allows you to monitor your horse's back movement, e.g. in response to new tack or to optimise a new training regime.

This system typically comprises 9 sensors -- 7 along the midline of the horse and 1 each on the left and right tuber coxae. Our entry level 'back' system consists of 6 sensors (the 5 asymmetry sensors) plus a sensor in the lumbar area of the horse which will provide 6-dimensional data about ranges of motion effectively assessing flexion-extension, lateral bending and axial rotation between the lumbar area and the tubera sacrale. 


Horse Rider Interaction

Horse and rider influence each other in their movement pattern. Our horse-rider assessment quantifies the interaction between you and your horse and helps you to work as a unit.

This system will comprise 5-6 sensors (4-5 on the horse, one on the rider).

Competitive Pricing

Please contact us for more details.


from UK £8,500 (ex VAT; April 2024) for our high-end systems.

UK £490 (ex VAT, April 2024) for the EQDOT software.

You will need to provide additional hardware (sensors, Windows 64bit computer, iOS or Android phone).

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