Modular Solution

EQDOT: Low cost, high quality equine gait analysis


Multi-sensor technology with small and light-weight sensors communicating with your iOS or Android device and convenient data analysis on a Windows-based tablet!


A unique sensor platform:  

The Xsens DOT sensors provide an ideal platform for equine gait analysis. Their ease-of-use -- controlled from an iOS or Android device -- paired with proven Xsens sensor-fusion algorithms for accurate and precise orientation and 3D acceleration output enable fast and easy data collectionn: 1) attach sensors to horse, 2) start logging of data via bluetooh and record the horse's movement, 3) download and analyse on Windows tablet.  

Comprehensive asymmetry system:

The 5-sensor setup (head, withers, midline of hind quarters, left and right hip) provides you with a comprehensive tool for quantifying movement symmetry. Head and pelvic movement asymmetry quantify movement deficits relating to a reduction in weight bearing or pushoff of one of the frontlimbs (head movement) or one of the hind limbs (pelvic movement).

As the first system having offered quantification of withers movement, this feature is particularly useful for differentiating between a compensatory movement, i.e. the horse moving its head to counteract a deficit affecting one of the hind limbs, and a primary forelimb related deficit, where the head movement reflects an effort of the horse to 'relieve' one of the forelimbs.

As with our more expensive, "all-in" wireless systems, it is possible to compare assessments before and after interventions, for example aiding a veterinarian with decision making during a lameness exam or you can follow your horse's short-, mid- or long-term progression over a time period clearly showing whether your training, treatment or rehabillitation regimens is having the desired effect.

Back movement too! 

The 4-sensor setup (head, withers, midline of hind quarters plus sensor in the lumbar area right behind the sadlle in a ridden horse) adds unequalled biomechanical knowledge to your decision making: 6-dimensional range of movement of a very important anatomical area in terms of transferring the powerful hind limb forces across the entire body. This is particularly useful for those horses with a suspected back problem or for mild hind limb lameness cases where subtle changes in back 'flexibility' can provide additional signs of an improvement of the primary lameness.   



Software only: £ 490 (ex VAT, January 2023).

In order to run this system, the following is required:

  1. we will take care of the software including installation on your computer  via remote link (please contact us).
  2. you will need to:
    1. acquire a set of sensors directly from the manufacturer. The 5-sensor kit is the most convenient solution.
    2. provide a windows (64bit) computer for data analysis. The computer does not have to be extremely powerful, we typically use Miscorsoft Surface Go2 or Go3 (Intel) variants.
    3. download the Xsend DOT app onto your bluetooth-enabled iOS or Android phone.
    4. optionally a 4 or 5-port USB hub for more convenient data transfer.   

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